Your job :



We offer different solutions to match your agency and your needs:


  • A 3D or spherical (360 °) shooting service (film or photo) for presentation to your customers.

  • Advice for the purchase of a Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality platform.

  • Rental and maintenance of a Virtual Reality and / or Mixed Reality platform:

    • We work with OCULUS Rift and OCULUS Quest equipment (completely autonomous without a PC) but we can study any other possibility depending on your specific needs.

    • Collaborative meeting service in Virtual Reality and / or Mixed Reality .

    • Visualization under Virtual Reality and / or Mixed Reality of your models


Virtual reality (or VR for Virtual Reality) is a computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in a virtual universe generated by a computer, a game console or a smartphone and in which the user in question can evolve and interact with the elements that make up this universe.